Shabby Chic Colors technique

Once you have your chosen piece of furniture on which apply shabby chic technique, you will need to prep the surfaces to be painted. Clean and degrease it carefully than lightly sand the surface and remove dust.



Check for woodworm and treat accordingly before you paint.

CHALK PAINT SHABBYCHICCOLORS sticks to just about any surface and does not require any preparation. Use SHABBY UNIVERSAL PRIMER on hard-to-treat surfaces only such as laminated, Formica and some plastic before using CHALK PAINT SHABBYCHICCOLORS.

Once the final varnish is removed, the paint base coat will appear to reveal what’s underneath. Apply paraffin wax over the areas where you want the color below to show through, such as edges, table legs, knots and drawers to make the final result as natural as possible. Clean off any wax residue with a clean cloth.


Support painting

Apply CHALK PAINT once or twice. Use a small roll or paint brush for an even feel and total cover. Leave to dry.

If using SHABBY MATT ENAMEL for a waterproof and scratch resistant effect, please remember it will loose its chalky and velvet effect due to CHALK PAINT.

Next step is how to shabby your piece

Take a piece of sandpaper and rub gently on the areas where previously applied paraffin wax till CHALKY PAINT will be totally removed revealing the original color underneath. Use clean cloth to remove color residue.

Apply decorative elements such as stencils, image transfer or any other appliques to get a final perfect touch.

Support protection

SHABBYCHICCOLORS CHALK PAINT is washable but rough at touch, objects need to be protected to last in time. Use on whole surface either SHABBY SCENTED WAX orSHABBYCHICCOLORS MATT 2K ACRYLIC FINISH (5 GLOSS).

Apply nut color SHABBY SCENTED WAX or get the newest metallic color for a more old-looking and aged effect.Wax frequently to prevent damages and to keep its original look.

Use SHABBYCHICCOLORS MATT 2K ACRYLIC FINISH (5 GLOSS) totally clear and matt for daily use furniture pieces such as chairs, tables etc, giving your piece a long-lasting look.

Finish your creation by adding any details such as handles, knots or even shabby papers inner lining.
To start...


Starter Kit is the complete kit of the Shabby Chic Colors line created for beginners who want to start decorating in a shabby style!